Our commitments

A long journey to undertake together

At We are voyagers we offer travel enthusiasts a circular and more responsible fashion in order to reduce their impact on the planet and people.

We design clothes made from recycled fibers and proudly made in France to allow you to share and openly claim your passion for daily travel for a long time.

We must all undertake this journey together and we cannot do it without you, which is why we want to support you in this process of transitioning to cleaner fashion by consuming less but better.

Act for a circular and more responsible fashion

In France, only 1% of the clothes collected are recycled to make new clothes.

More than one in two garments collected are exported abroad (particularly to African countries) to be reused there.

With more than 100 billion pieces of clothing sold in the world each year, the calculation is quickly made, we are heading straight for an unprecedented ecological and human disaster.

Through our approach, we therefore wish to be part of the solution on our scale, by limiting our impact on global warming, by fighting against the over-production of clothing and by ensuring that the rights of those who will work with us on the development and manufacture of our clothes.
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Manufacture in France, in a workshop where people share our values

The choice of our partners was a crucial step in the development of our project. Creating a garment is one thing, seeing it come to life while respecting our values is another.

This is the reason why we have chosen to enter into this partnership with Fany, a passionate designer and manager of our clothing workshop in Moreuil in the Somme.

We are very proud to be involved locally by employing 25 pattern makers, cutters and seamstresses, but also to contribute to integration projects by training apprentice seamstresses.

We know that our recycled clothes are made with care and expertise and we are proud to participate in the relocation of the textile industry in France (long relocated to countries with low labor costs), by supporting the local economy. and all the people who work on our different garments.

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Design clothes that will follow you in all your adventures

Our clothes are dedicated to all travel lovers who are looking for a way to consume fashion differently while having fun with recycled, comfortable and timeless clothes.As you will have understood, we do not want to duplicate your wardrobe, which is why we have chosen clothes that you can wear both in your daily life and when travelling.We do not create clothes that you will not wear because we will ask for your opinion for each new development in order to collect your feedbacks and better understand your expectations.

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