The origins

A need to realign with oneself

This beautiful story began in the basement of a building (yes, you read that right), when we ran into my former neighbor we came to discuss our respective activities and I told her that I wanted to change jobs because I was end of a cycle and that I no longer find myself in the values of the company for which I worked at the time.

She then told me about her job as a “textile sourcer” and it was then that I began to take an interest in this exciting world of fashion, with which I had nothing in common, at least at the very beginning.

A few days later, I am seriously considering retraining despite my limited knowledge. I document myself on the profession of "textile sourcing", I am not yet thinking of creating a clothing brand because I do not feel ready (I had a slight impostor syndrome at the time...), I need to build skills on the upstream part, the one that goes from the harvest of raw materials through the production of fabrics to the making of the garment.

Challenge yourself despite doubts

Take the plunge, this expression that we hear very regularly took on its full meaning when after a few weeks of reflections and readings on the business of "textile sourcing", I began to doubt because I could not find what I liked. in my previous job where I could create and develop projects from A to Z or even communicate on world-renowned brands.

It was at this precise moment (and after a few sleepless nights) that I decided to set myself my greatest challenge and to envisage the creation of a clothing brand that resembles me and that will allow me to express my desires and my daily beliefs.

Awareness of the climate emergency and the damage caused by fast fashion

The creation of We are voyagers was born following a real awareness, quite brutal, of the impact of fast fashion on climate change and more broadly of its consequences on the Planet and People.

The over-consumption of this so-called "disposable" fashion contributes more than proportionally to this visible warming in many regions of the world and accentuates the social inequalities to which the ultra-dependent workers in this sector of activity are subjected (especially in Asian countries).

Although many people are fortunate today to be able to live in a pleasant environment by taking advantage of the resources available to us, we continue to see the situation deteriorate daily with too few concrete actions and effective decisions to remedy.

This is why, by creating this brand and through the commitments I make as a founder, I choose to act and contribute on my own scale, to reduce our impact on the planet and on people.

A deep desire to share this passion for travel

To travel! this word, synonymous with freedom and sharing for many, often refers to unique moments that are forever etched in our minds.

When creating We are voyagers, I wanted to be able to express more and share my passion for daily travel without having to pull out photo albums or search through the 2,356 photos on my phone.

I am in no way a travel blogger or a professional photographer, but I am a person driven by the desire to travel at certain times of the year to recharge my batteries, discover and share unforgettable moments with my loved ones.

Through this brand, I also wanted to give you the floor through interviews to better understand the way you travel and share with our community your ideas, your advice and your best experiences.

You will therefore be able to find these testimonials in our travel diary blog, which will be the place to have fun and be inspired by all your experiences.
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